New Video: Red-winged Blackbird Nest Selection

I have just released a new video, “Red-winged Blackbird Nest Selection”.

This video focuses a bit more on a scientific result. A 1992 study in the journal Animal Behavior by Yasukawa, Whittenberger, and Nielsen studied how Red-winged Blackbirds select nest sites through experimentally adding high perches in different parts of a habitat. This paper is evidence that they take the availability of high perching sites to be important. The video contains more details and some interesting footage of the female Red-winged Blackbird as well.

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As usual, I love sharing some images that I took around the time of filming.

Red-winged Blackbird: The star of the video. Unfortunately, I did not get any good shots of the female because she was more wary
Great Blue Heron, looking grumpy as usual
Song Sparrow feeding in the grass
American Robin
A quick snap of the moon since it looked so nice almost full in the evening sky.

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