New Video: Spring in Ottawa

Now that it’s warm and most of the snow has melted, there is a crazy amount of stuff you can easily see. This video covers just a few species I have seen. This is also the first video featuring several animals that are not birds: two species of ladybugs, Groundhog, and Eastern Cottontail. And of course, there are still some birds in it including the Dark-eyed Junco!

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Here are just a few shots taken while filming!

Ring-billed Gull stands in the ephemeral pool. It’s crazy how much these gulls love this pool, which evaporates in just a few days!
Beaver. Unfortunately, Beaver did not make it into the film. It is quite hard to get good footage of a creature like this.
Canada Goose surveying the world
American Robin

I also released this video in 1080p. My other videos were actually in 720p, so this video will be crisper on a larger screen. The reason is that for my previous videos I actually was using a free version of Lightworks, but for this one I actually tried Shotcut, an open-source video editor. This editor was the first open-source editor I tried that could actually handle my project. Previously I had tried Kdenlive and OpenShot, but these either did not work properly on my system or lacked some features. Chances are, I will keep using Shotcut for at least a short while.

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