Sudoku Solver


Test case V1 Number of moves V2 Number of moves Speedup V1/V2
Sandpiper 13111 165 28.20
Swamphen >15000 75 >200.00
Honeyeater 1706 79 21.59
Fairywren 14413 140 102.95


"After months of trying the hardest Sudoku known to the Eastern hemisphere, Jason's program finally alleviated me of my immense difficulties." ~Jeff

"I believe Jason's program, while superbly designed, takes way too many steps to solve even the simplest of sudokus." ~Rhonda

"Typically at Microsoft, half our employees spend the morning solving Sudokus. Thankfully Jason's program removes this burden from our loyal workers, and productivity is up 27%." ~Microsoft CEO

"These testimonials are fake." ~Jason