Jason Polak, PhD

Welcome to my website! I am a mathematician and my passion is applying math, technology, and data science to wildlife conservation. Feel free to email me if you would like to collaborate!


Counting Separable Polynomials in Z/n[x]
Published online in the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 2017-04-13
A Cotriple Construction of a Simplicial Algebra Used in the Definition of Higher Chow Groups
Published in Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 31, No. 13 (2016), pp. 384-387
Exposing Relative Endoscopy in Unitary Symmetric Spaces
Published in Res. Math. Sci. Vol. 2. No. 1
A Note on VH Subdivisions (with Daniel T. Wise)
Published in Publ. Mat. 57 (2013), pp. 421-428.


You can contact me at . Consider using my PGP public key to encrypt the mail (see how to do this).

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The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo (Zanda funereus). Photo by Jason in Yarra Bend Park, Melbourne.

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