I am a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Melbourne. This contract will end June 2018, and I am currently looking for a new and exciting position.

What kind of research do I do? Here's an idea: did you know that the polynomial function f(x) = x3 + 6x2 + x permutes the elements of Z/9 (the integers modulo nine)? Not all polynomials permute the elements of the underlying coefficient ring. The ones that do are called permutation polynomials, and for finite coefficient rings the corresponding permutations form a group! Check out this recent paper to learn more about these polynomials.

Other than that, I'm interested mostly in algebra, finite rings and combinatorics, and related topics. I like to focus on concrete problems, often with a computational angle. Speaking of computational things: are you interested in finding colourful patterns? Try the game Znocks, my Znax clone written in JavaScript.


The Ring Structure on the Grothendieck Group of Commuting Endomorphisms over a Field
Submitted 2017-08-31!

The Polypermutation Group of an Associative Ring
Submitted 2017-07-02!

Counting Separable Polynomials in Z/n[x]
Accepted for publication in the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 2017-03-01

A Cotriple Construction of a Simplicial Algebra Used in the Definition of Higher Chow Groups
Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 31, No. 13 (2016), pp. 384-387
Exposing Relative Endoscopy in Unitary Symmetric Spaces
Res. Math. Sci. Vol. 2. No. 1 (2015)
A Note on VH Subdivisions (with Daniel T. Wise)
Publ. Mat. 57 (2013), pp. 421-428.
This Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo says stop surfing the net and have a bite of this tasty cone. Photo taken by Jason in Yarra Bend Park, Melbourne.

Academic History

University of Melbourne
Postdoctoral Fellow
McGill University
PhD Mathematics
McGill University
MSc Mathematics
University of Ottawa
BSc Mathematics

Conferences Attended and Upcoming

March 7-10, 201630th Automorphic Forms Workshop Winston-Salem, NCUnited States
November 30-December 4Automorphic kernel functionsSan Jose, CA United States
November 20-21Junior Number Theory DaysNewark, NJ United States
October 10-11Montreal-Toronto Workshop in Number TheoryMontreal, QC Canada
May 7-10Workshop on Representation Theory and Analysis on Lie Groups over Local FieldsOttawa, ON Canada
November 8-9Special Session on Automorphic Forms and Related TopicsGreensboro, NC United States
May 23-26Algebraic and Geometric Invariants of Linear Algebraic Groups and Homogeneous SpacesOttawa, ON Canada
November 23-24Montreal-Toronto Workshop in Number TheoryToronto, ON Canada
May 30-June 1GAP 2013: Geometry And PhysicsMontreal, QC Canada
October 15-18Fundamentals of the Langlands ProgramToronto, ON Canada
May 29-June 2Cohomologies and Automorphic FormsStrasbourg France